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Gastronomic tradition - PDO and PGI

Marche: culinary delicacies and gastronomy, high quality of ingredients and tradition

The Marche cuisine is made of products that have an agricultural vocation, with a deep-rooted gastronomic tradition.
The proposed products express an undeniable coherence with the territory and its people. People who still live with great decor, at the right rhythm, in a serene and harsh environment.

LONZINO di FICO - FIG ROLL old-fashioned product at Slow Food Presidium
Saves Saves
Formato: 300 Gr
CIAUSCOLO PGI Alto Nera soft spreadable salami from the Marche
Saves Saves
Formato: 450 Gr
PECORINO di fossa PDO Martarelli Fossa cheese Sogliano DOP
Saves Saves
Formato: 350 Gr
Cheese pizza i 7 Artigiani typical Marche region ideal with ciauscolo
Saves Saves
Formato: 700 Gr
PORCHETTA Italian Typical regional specialty Antica Gastronomia
Saves Saves
Formato: 1 Kg
GALANTINA  of chicksen FUNARI typical rural product of the Marches
Saves Saves
Formato: 500 Gr
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