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"Casa Marche" store

Since 2016 Casa Marche has been the physical and innovative site of Mymarca where the shop, which recalls the old village emporium of the past, also lends itself to being the all-around and stimulating location for many events from tastings, business lunches, theme dinners, anniversaries up to cooking classes.

"Casa Marche" store

Basically the way we consider food influences our alimentary choices inone sense rather than another one. The main principle of our company is preciselyto draw attention to the importance of preferring traceable and excellent products of our territory made according to the ancient methods andexclusively craftsmanship techniques.

Casa Marche is not only a shop where you can buy typical food and wine and original objects of 100% Made in Marche craftsmanship and design, but a real synergy of skills and experiences leading the customer along an exciting path of knowledge of food and helping him to choose with greater awareness. The excellence and uniqueness of a product are determined by many elements starting from the quality and origin of the raw material to processing times of the artisan method up to its natural maturing process.

In order to test the sincerity of all this, in the heart of Casa Marche a modern and equipped kitchen is ready to turn the same products into traditional or revisited dishes from innovation. For all those who mean to spend a special occasion in the spirit of good and healthy eating, here is the right place to stop and let yourself be delighted by four different kinds of menus and a very assorted wine shop.
If this is not enough and you wish to learn more about the art of cooking, every year we organize cooking classes with professional chefs to learn how to cook or to discover the secrets of a dish prepared to perfection. Hospitality too is an art that should not be underestimated and the great passion we have for promoting our territory has pushed us out of our company to lead the customer to meet the producers who are part of our network and live a unique experience of this kind.
Last but not least, for those who want to share and give a delicious taste of Marche Region, in our shop we make personalized wedding favors, kits, packs and baskets for every occasion of the year with the best delicacies of the region including pasta, sausage, cheese, jam, pastry, beer, wine and exclusive sparkling wine.

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