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From above, Marche Region offers an enchanting view, thanks to the work and tenacity of entire generations who turned the region into a patchwork of colors, fields and small and great economic realities, some of which chose to draw fully from local traditions preserving an important popular culture.
Driven by the strong passion to promote this territory, never equal to itself but fertile with marked differences and uniqueness, we have been working hard to look for and carefully select the best food and wine, craftsmanship and design companies in Marche Region that identify themselves by the traceability, typicality and excellence of their products and with whom we maintain a relationship based on trust and mutual esteem.

Among the first E-commerce websites in Italy, Mymarca was born in Macerata in 2007 and is nourished by the principle of using modern technology at the service of a human and cultural heritage that was transmitted over time in the choice of the highest quality raw materials, in the centuries-old recipes, in strictly artisan processing methods.
The scents, the flavors, the food of the traditions of the region Marche can be known and appreciated not only in Italy but also abroad because, through the site, customers can easily choose among two thousand products, collect the goods in the shop, receive them at home, or entrust the company with the task of shipping them in the case of distant relatives or friends.

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