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VISIR cherry wine CasalFarneto wine-based drinks

VISIR cherry wine CasalFarneto wine-based drinks

Product available
23,90 € vat included 19,57 € tax free Show vat price included Show price excluding VAT
Flavoured drink
Mixed varieties
Lacrima di Morro
Alcohol content
13 %
Serve to
12-14 °
0,750 L
Cocktails, Desserts, Ice cream
Wine and sour chees
Typical Marche
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Wine and sour cherries, a flavored wine-based drink is a traditional method of winemaking in the area where we are located. In fact, in ancient times our grandparents added wild cherries to wine to make it more pleasant and above all to allow better conservation thanks to the sugar contained in these fruits.
The sour cherry is a wild cherry from our area; it is smaller than a normal cherry, with dark skin and high acidity and strong astringency, which is why this fruit is mainly used only to make jams or to flavor distillates (such as grappa) or wine-based drinks.

The vineyards of Lacrima are between 180-230 meters above sea level. and are located in the municipality of Morro d'Alba, in the central part of the Marche region in the province of Ancona, 8 km from the Adriatic Sea, facing south-east.
The vineyards are located on the side of a river valley that opens towards the sea, allowing the influence of the ocean breeze. The soil is medium-dense, with a generally loose texture.
The wild cherries come from farmers in our area.
The tear is usually collected in the second half of September, the wild cherries towards the end of June.
Wine base: the wine from the last harvest is always used. The grapes are harvested in small boxes.
Vinification: in the cellar the grapes are immediately subjected to soft pressing.
The must is then brought into stainless steel to start fermentation in contact with its skins at about 26-28 ° C, which lasts about 7-8 days in order to extract only the colors and aromas, but not the typical astringency of the this vine.
When fermentation is complete, the skins are removed, the wine is filtered with a tangential filter and then rests in steel.
Blending the sour cherries: immediately after harvesting, the whole wild cherries are added to the wine and left to macerate for about 3-4 months. Subsequently the sour cherries are removed, the sugar is added to the desired level of sweetness, then filtered and bottled.
Tasting Notes
Intense purple color with purple hues.
Intense aroma of cherry, rose and floral with hints of berries and cinnamon.
Fresh taste sweet cherry flavor, very pleasant, slightly floral, spicy aftertaste.
Pairings: Perfect with chocolate desserts or any berry-based dessert, it's great just poured over a chocolate or vanilla ice cream. It is also suitable for cocktails (eg with sparkling wine).


The taste of time.
Getting to know Verdicchio.
Particular attention to organic wine

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60030 Serra dè Conti (Ancona) - Italia
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