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Selection La Cotta®" 6 beers 75 Cl agricultural production

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Selection La Cotta®" 6 beers 75 Cl agricultural production

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Is the introduction to the agricultural world of La Cotta®, with the most popular types of beer.
A tasting proposal of 6 beers from agricultural production, among the most loved by customers.

Marche agricultural beer, produced in the Montefeltro area.
The ingredients are the fruit of the land we cultivate and control, such as barley, malt, spring water, in addition to the purity of the Montefeltro air. These unique characteristics are found in the flavours, aromas and colors of LaCotta® beers. From the farmer to your cup.

The product consists of:

  • 1 x Birra Marinera La cotta da produzione agricola marchigiana - 75 Cl
  • 1 x Amber agricultural beer la Cotta - 75 Cl
  • 2 x Birra Bionda La Cotta produzione agricola marchigiana - BIO - 75 Cl
  • 1 x Birra Saison La Cotta produzione agricola Marche - 75 Cl
  • 1 x Birra Rossa Artigianale La Cotta Birrificio Agricolo - 75 Cl

Beer is born from the earth.

It is obvious, but not for those who still make beer an industrial or artisanal product. And Beer is best when the land is good and it is produced by those who cultivate Barley, taking care of its quality.

Società Agricola Colleverde ss di Tontini Francesco & C.

Località Cà Corsuccio
61028 Mercatale di Sassocorvaro (PU) ITALIA

Telefono e Fax: +39 0722 76257

Email: [email protected]


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