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AMARO SIBILLA Varnelli Nature’s gift since 1868 - 34° - Bottle 1 lt.

AMARO SIBILLA Varnelli Nature’s gift since 1868 - 34° - Bottle 1 lt.

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23,40 € vat included 19,20 € tax free Show vat price included Show price excluding VAT
Bitter herbal liqueur
Alcohol content
34 %
Serve to
10 °
0,500 L
End of meal
Decoction on wood fire
Gentian, honey and other medicinal plants
Typical Marche
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Amaro Sibilla as one of the perfect drinks for after Thanksgiving dinner.
Nature’s gift since 1868, Amaro Sibilla has been obtained from a decoction of herbs, roots and barks prepared over a wood fire and sweetened with honey. A long ageing and decanting period is then needed in order to get a transparent smooth tasting product, moderately bitter and with the right alcoholic strength.

To the Eye Dense, dark brown.
To the Nose Strong aromas of bitter herbs and dried fruit (chestnuts, walnut husk), followed by scents of coffee and honey.
On the Palate The first impression of sweetness due to honey is then followed by an intense bitter tannic taste with a long-length finish. This roughness is corrected by fine aromas of chestnuts, honey, dried fruit, vanilla and coffee.

Serving Suggestions Amaro Sibilla is perfect after a meal, neat, on the rocks, as a hot drink with lemon or orange rind. It is a versatile and innovative ingredient in cocktails and long drinks, an original aperitif with white vermouth and some drops of gin. It makes a delicious refreshing drink if added to soda, tonic water or orange juice.

Some Recipes

The McClassic - ¾ oz Amaro Sibilla ¾ oz Luxardo Sangue Morlacco Cherry Brandy 1½ oz rye whiskey 1 dash orange bitters / In a mixing glass filled with ice, stir the ingredients together then strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with Luxardo Marasca cherry and oils from lemon peel.
Sibilla Cocktail - ¾ oz Amaro Sibilla ½ oz bitter ½ oz gin ¼ oz red vermouth ½ oz sweet tonic water / Pour directly into a tumbler. Add ice and garnish with slices of orange and cherry or other fruit.
Sibilla Highball - ¾ oz Amaro Sibilla 3½ oz lemonade / Pour Amaro Sibilla into a tumbler with lemon rind. Add plenty of ice and the lemonade until it becomes amber-coloured.
Sibilla Spritz - 1 oz Amaro Sibilla 1½ oz dry white wine 2 oz lemonade / Pour the ingredients in a drinking cup with plenty of ice. Add the lemonade and garnish with rosemary, slice of orange and cherry.

Varnelli since 1868 Italian liquor art

The oldest liquor house in the Marche region, that through four generations of herbalists has maintained with scrupulous professionalism the old artisan and herbal know-how and the secrecy of the recipes.
The recognition, preference and great loyalty of the most demanding and refined consumers.

Via Girolamo Varnelli, 10
62034 Muccia MC Italy  

tel. (+39) 0737 647000
fax (+39) 0737 647107


Email: [email protected]
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