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ANICE SECCO SPECIALE Varnelli aniseed liqueur

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ANICE SECCO SPECIALE Varnelli aniseed liqueur

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70 Cl
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Distillato di anice
Alcohol content
46 %
Serve to
8-10 °
70 Cl
Corrective ruler of coffee
Metodo artigianale e segretezza delle ricette
Typical Marche
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It 'a special dry anise originating from particular and secret processing anise.
The "Varnelli" is not sweet but dry and its fresh aroma and intense causes a small amount is enough to give even more flavor to the best espresso or barley.
It 'a unique and original product that enhances the Mediterranean tradition of aniseed liqueurs and is appreciated both in Italy and abroad, for its dry taste and decided that it makes it very attractive for many uses.
The term anise in its purest form: tasting it you enter the world of a "special taste", difficult to describe in words. So his label includes always a phrase coined by Antonio Varnelli: "To me preferir just a taste." Sovereign Corrective Coffee


Organoleptic test
Color - clear, bright, transparent, with bluish reflections.
Smell - the intense and persistent aromas of anise subsequently develop fragrances of wild fennel, dill and cumin, enriched by floral notes.
Taste - very hot bodied, dry, sweet, it feels the intensity and persistence of the aromas detected being examined olfactory direct: anise, fennel and cucumber. Leave the final harmonious, index of exceptional quality, leading to continuous feelings of pleasure

Sovereign corrective coffee - Half a teaspoon of Varnelli into an espresso or barley is the most popular way to enjoy the traditional Varnelli: the ideal correction that does not alter the taste of coffee but completes it and enhances it.
Mediterranean appetizer - Added to water, which gives it a pleasant and characteristic haziness, is an exquisite and effective thirst quencher. Smooth, frozen, on the rocks The Varnelli is a true master of conviviality. Some people love smooth at room temperature, those who drink it iced, who enriches it with ice cubes. It gives vivacity and pleasantly surprised in many cocktails and long drinks. Protagonist in combinations with the cigar and chocolate.
In the kitchen and pastry - The Varnelli proves also special ice cream, fruit, sorbet and the many uses in pastry and cooking. Widely used in desserts, it is surprising in combining the ingredients with salt, to which it gives its unquestionable personality, without sovrastarli, thus arousing the interest of top chefs who choose Varnelli for their recipes for success.

In the Marche countryside Mistrà is a traditional chaser made still made from the farmers. It is almost a symbol of marchigianità, even for the strong bond with the rudimentary, but very common, distilling traditions in your campaigns.

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