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LONZA Recchi slice Capocollo of Italian pork cured artisan salami

LONZA Recchi slice Capocollo of Italian pork cured artisan salami

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1,65 Kg
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Lonza o capocollo
1,650 Kg
Traditional by master butchers
Pig raised and slaughtered in Italy
Natural casing
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LONZA or Capocollo of Italian pork from the Recchi farm, seasoned artisan salami, original and typical flavor of the Marche region.

The section has a variegated flesh-red appearance in the muscle parts and milk white in the fat parts.

Cut - Boned pork shoulder up to the 6th rib of the carré (opposite part of the schooner).
Flavors - Ground pepper, poached red garlic (to flavor the meat before salting by massaging the fresh meat well, white wine (to wash trimmed meat).
Processing - once cleaned of the roughness of the meat it is put in salt for two or three days, having the warning to turn the piece once a day. After this first phase, it is washed with wine and vinegar and then peppered entirely. Finally it is stuffed into a particular casing (the saccola) and tightened well with a natural net, then tied with string.

The seasoned loin must be consumed exclusively sliced; ideal for the 1st of May snacks together with pecorino and fresh fava beans.

Organic farm Recchi

Organic for faith and not for business.
A "clean" agro food production in harmony with nature and with the human being.
The quality of the food is inextricably linked to the territory from which it comes and its history, as well as respect that man has towards one and the other.
Building a "healthy" legacy to be transmitted to future generations.

Organic farm

C.da Calcinari n° 29
63027 - Petritoli (FM) 
Tel: +39.0734.658646
[email protected]

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